Hot Shoe Hall of Fame 2

Mar 05 2022

The saying love is sweeter the second time around was never more true than at the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame gathering in Las Vegas Nevada on January 29, 2022.

Held at the Notoriety Theater on the famed Fremont Street Experience it was a night of comradery as speed jockeys, wrench twisters, mud slingers, ice scrapers, money handlers, wheeler- dealers, daredevils,  gamblers globetrotters, and observers gathered to praise the two-wheel passion that binds them all into a motor driven fellowship.  Stellar in its layout, atmosphere, and execution it resembled a nightclub rather that a motorcycle gathering and confirmed that Hot Shoe Hall of Fame founder Gene Woods years of promoting and racing had properly schooled him in how an event should be implemented and those in attendance treated. It ran like a fine Swiss watch, perfectly.

Upon arrival guests went to Sign In for credentials. Everyone got a name tag that could easily be read. It’s a big deal cause this allows a smooth brain fade recovery when you’re socializing. Next guests could walk into the Gene Woods’ Racing Experience and look at the permanent display of Hot Shoe Hall of Fame inductees Steel Shoe plaques that line the walls or just sit at table to talk and view Go Karts racing through two large windows that separate that area from the race track. Of course, some did laps on the slick curved racecourse. I would relay what they said about it but I’m trying not to use that kind of language anymore.

Did I mention this is all happening on the ground floor. Well, that matters cause the party, I mean gathering is on the third floor. Just take the elevator up, walk thru the open patio, past the bike display and enter. Inside is another world as daylight is replaced with Vegas style mood and spot lighting.

A long hallway lead to a big room set up with dozens of large round tables and chairs that can accommodate 10. Perfect if you want to talk with friends or oversee the 2022 Hot Shoe Hall of Fame inductees receiving their plaques and getting their picture taken with two cladly clothed showgirls. Between the screams of excitement and photographers this was a show all on its own.

This room like the others featured a bar where you could purchase whatever pleased you. Lining the walls were vendor booths where one could purchase T-Shirts, signs and other motorcycle paraphernalia. It was also the place to get and eat serval different kinds of sandwich’s that were loving made and donated by Daelyn Woods who owns a Deli, Sandwich Shop, Restaurant in Henderson Nevada.

Never been but what she made was really good so add stopping there to your bucket list if ever you are ever in the area.

Before I tell you about the main bar and ballroom across the hall did I mention this place has a movie theater. Yup, and a dam nice one. On this night it featured the Peter Starr movie “Take It To The Limit”.

Playing on an endless loop anyone could come in at any time and watch as much as they wanted. Oh, this might be a good time to mention that the movie, like the food, admission, and entertainment were all free.

No guest paid even one red cent at this gathering other than for their drinks.

Alright, finally we enter the main area. Like the others it’s a large room with a long bar that runs the complete side of one wall, a few booths, and lots of small nightclub style tables.

A stage dressed with a Ron Wood-built Norton 750 and a Steve Baker TZ 750 Dirt Tracker from the fabled Michael Ross Collection rounded out the decor.

Crowded but not uncomfortable everyone was enjoying the mix. This was the main event and all savored this moment and the memory’s being made.

Filmmaker and author Peter Starr was Master of Ceremonies. Filling in for last year’s host Larry Huffman, who is hospitalized due to a sever leg injury Peter handled the microphone as the professional he clearly is. One after another Starr interviewed the royalty of our sport. Sitting in two big easy chairs all were comfortable and told tales of then and now. Steve Baker, Rob Morrison, Kenny Roberts, Keith Mashburn, Tom Horton, Scott Harden, Jim Fishback, Rod Lake, Bryan Farnsworth, Garth Brow, and Bruce Porter, were just some of the many interviewed.

Hours passed and like everything that’s good it ended all too soon. Before leaving Gene Woods invited all the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame inductees onstage for a group photo(s). Slowly it shut down but many embraced every last minute for one more goodbye.

Of course, this is Vegas were the party goes 24/7 so the gathering continued. I’d tell you all about it but you know “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Thanks to all responsible. This was a good deal. In case you missed it in January 2023 this will all happen again. Make your plans, you deserve it.

Thanks for listening. See you where the wheels go round. Howie Zechner

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