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*Submit only 1 application. You will be notified by e-mail if you are accepted, and you will be allowed 1 update before the plaque is printed. Once the plaque is printed it is final.

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*This is what goes directly on your plaque so please check and proof-read your information carefully.
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*The picture should be of you in a racing action shot or a portrait headshot.
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Select the class raced. For Flattrack, Speedway, or Both, and you are selected to be included in the Hot Shoe Hall Of Fame, you will be required to send your "Steel Shoe" to the museum for your plaque. For roadrace, motocross, or other forms of racing, select "Other". Non racers (Industry Icons) select "Icon" from the list.
If accepted into the Hot Shoe Museum will you be providing your "Steel Shoe"?

Terms and Conditions: Induction into the Hall of Fame is made by our Board of Directors and is determined by what you achieved or contributed to in the motorcycle industry. If you are inducted, you will receive a plaque stating you are in the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame. A "Hot Shoe" plaque requires you to donate one of your hot shoes to be put on a plaque for display in the museum. If you did not compete or you were in a form of racing that did not use a hot shoe and still qualify as a HOF Industry Icon an "Industry Icon" plaque will be displayed. Not everyone will be accepted into the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame. Please pass this on to anyone that you think deserves to be in the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame. We are always looking for people with great history - Hot Shoe Hall of Fame BOD.
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